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Arts, Commerce & Science College - Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Established in 1961
Bahe Road, Urun-Islampur, Tal.Walwa, Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra, India 415409. Ph.02342-221778
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Department Name Designation Qualification Contact No.
English P.A. Ganganmale H.O.D. Assit. Prof. M.A. B.Ed. M. Phil. Ph.D. 8600424393
B. A. Sawant Assist. Prof.  M.A., SET, P.G.D.T.E.   9421084181 
N. M. Shinde  Assist. Prof.  M. A. B. Ed. SET  9423653350 
R.V. Dandge  Assist. Prof.  M. A. N. E. T.   9561295639 
Marathi Mrs. S.V. Inamdar H.O.D. Assit. Prof. M.A. 9423270619
E.D. Patil Assit. Prof. M.A. B.Ed. SET 9421285082 
Hindi Mrs. M.S.Patil H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A. M. Phil. 9975366618
P. M. Athavale Assist. Prof. M. A. B. Ed. NET 9423653303
History S.R.Garud H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A. 9890912734
Lt. M. S. Patil Assit.Prof. M.A. SET 9890912734
Sociology V.G. Panaskar H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A. 02342-220765 
P.S. Salunkhe Assot. Prof. M.A. M.Phil. 9421132584 
Political science S.K. Khadase H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A. M. Phil. NET 9890384221
A. N. Patil Assist. Prof. M. A. SET 9503344304
Geography D.B.Patil H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A.M.Phil. 9860135654
Lt.S.K. Mane Assist. Prof. M.A. B. Ed. NET 9421218587 
Economics Dr. M.N.Shinde H.O.D. & Reader M.A. Ph.D. 9890114896
Mrs. A.S. Salunkhe Assot. Prof. M.A. M. Phil. 02342-220427 
S.R. Nangare Assit. Prof. M.A. SET, NET 9730451649 
Psychology Dr. M.G. Jadhav H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D. 9422613226
G.B. Kamble Assit.Prof. M.A. B. Ed. SET 9764505873 
T. T. Buchade Assit.Prof. M.A. M. Phil. SET 7588576131 
Physical Education A.U.Mane Assit.Prof. M.P.Ed. SET 9028745221
V.S. Patil Assit.Prof. B.A.M.P.Ed. 8275592329
Edu./ S. M. / Logic J.S. Pandarpatte Assot. Prof. M.A. M.Ed. M.Phil. 9960493232
Commerce S.T. Gaikwad Vice - Prin., H.O.D. & Assot. Prof. M.Com. M. Phil. 9860114304
C.J. Bharsakale Assit.Prof. M.Com., SET 9405284243 
A.B.Patil C.H.B. L.L.M. 9960112733 
Botany P.V. Gaikwad H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.Sc. 9975463099
Dr. M. V. Gokhale Assist. Prof. M. Sc. Ph. D. 9960127127
Chemistry Dr. J. K. Patil Principal M.Sc. Ph.D. 9822349464
Dr. S.A. Kamble H.O.D., Assot. Prof. M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. 9423645297 
S. B. Jirage Assist. Prof. M. Sc. SET 9922761402 
Dr. U. S. Mote Assit. Prof. M. Sc. Ph. D. 9923770780 
Mathematics/Stat. Dr. H.T. Dinde H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.Sc. Ph.D. 9421048948
Miss. M. S. More Assit. Prof. M.Sc. 9405556558 
Physics A.B. Kulkarni H.O.D. Assot. Prof. M.Sc. M. Phil. 9850530932
Dr. N.S. Shinde Assot. Prof. M.Sc. M. Phil. Ph.D. 9860438208 
Senior Staff

Non Grant Staff

English L. D. Patil Vice Principal (Junior)
Assit. Teacher
M. A. B.Ed. 9860438208 
D. B. Patil Assit. Teacher M. A. B.Ed.  
S. B. Patil Assit. Teacher M. A. B.Ed.  
Marathi Mrs. S. P. Bongale Assit. Teacher (Part Time) M.A. B.Ed., M.Phil.  
Hindi & Political Science B. K. Bargir Assit. Teacher M.A. B.Ed.  
History Miss. S. V. Padavi Shikshan Sevak M. A. B.Ed.  
Sociology R. B. Pandarbale Assit. Teacher M. A. B.Ed.  
Geography T. A. Patil Assit. Teacher M. A. D. H. E.  
H. B. Vasave Assit. Teacher M. A. B.Ed.  
Economics J. B. Chavan-Patil Assit. Teacher M. A. B.Ed.  
Psychology M. N. Magdum Assit. Teacher M. A. D. H. E.  
Physical Education C. P. Kalaskar Phy. Director B. A. B. Ed. (Phy.) M. P. Ed.  
Biology Smt. S. S. Chavan Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
N. P. Patil Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
Chemistry R. U. Sande Assit. Teacher M. Sc. D. H. E.  
J. B. Mahind Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
D. G. Chavan Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
M. A. Jadhav Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
Mathematics S. P. Pokharnikar Assit. Teacher M.Sc.,D.H.E.  
Physics Smt. J. P. Gurav Assit. Teacher M.Sc.,D.H.E.  
P. R. Patil Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
M. T. Khandelote Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
S. B. Patil Assit. Teacher M. Sc. B. Ed.  
Auto/Engineering Technician C. V. Patil Lecturer D. A. E.  
N. P.Tibe Instructor D. A. E.  
Junior Staff

Main. & Rep. of Elec. Dom. App. V. A. Honmore Lecturer D.E.E.  
P. H. Patil Instructor D.E.E.  
Electronics Technology V. B. Sutar Lecturer D. E. Electro.  
Smt. S. A. Pawar Instructor D. I. E.  

Sr. Name Project Name Duration (Years) Funding Agency & Funds (Rs.) Status
1 Dr. M. N. Shinde Surface deformation study of Bi2S3, Sb2S3, As2S3 thin films by double exposure holographic interferometry technique. 2 UGC 75,000 Completed
2 Dr. M. G. Jadhav A Study of Qualify of life among Entrepreneurs in Relation to Casual Attribution and Experience Role Stress. 2 UGC 80,000/- Completed
3 Dr. M. V. Gokhale Inventory of Halophytic Plants from the Districts of South Western Maharashtra. 2 UGC 1,00,000/- Ongoing
4 Dr. P. A. Ganganmale Protest of Farmers in Baromas and The Grapes of Wrath: A Comparative Study. 2 UGC 1,50,000/- 2013-2015(Years)  
5 Mr.S.K.Mane Impact of Takari Lift Irrigation on agriculture in Sangli district: A Geographical Analysis 2 UGC 2,00,000/- 2013-2015

Sr.No. Faculty Subject University
1 Dr. M. N. Shinde Economics Shivaji University
2 Dr. M. G. Jadhav Psychology Shivaji University
3 Dr. H. T. Dinde Mathematics Shivaji University
4 Dr. H. T. Dinde Computer Science Shivaji University
5 Dr. N. S. Shinde Physics Shivaji University
6 Dr. M. V. Gokhale  Botany   J.J.T.U.

Sr. Name Designation
1 S. J. Kadam Registrar
2 D. D. Bamane Office Supdt.
3 B. K. Kachare Head Clerk
4 S. N. Kolekar  Senior Clerk 
5 V. D. Pharne Junior Stenographer
5 V. G. Tibile Assit. Librarian
Administrative Staff

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