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Admission is as per merit and other norms laid down by Shivaji University, Govt. of Maharashtrra, UGC and the Management form time to time. The Principal reserves the right to amend/modify the guidelines regarding admission, as and when such amendments/modifications are received from the Govt./ University or the Management as the case may be. They will be accordingly notified on the college Notice Board at the time of admission. Parents/Students are requested to go through the guidelines and admission notices, put up on the college Notice Board before seeking admission in the college.
a) Students should behave with due respect and honour with the teaching and administrative staff in the college.
b) College administration will not be responsible if any loss is incurred due to not observing notices displayed on the college Notice Board.
c) The students should take their identity cards within a month form the date of admission. Identity cards will not be issued thereafter. Students should always carry with them valid identity card in college or representing the college at any other place. If demanded at any time by the teaching/administrative staff or the college he should produce it. Those who take admission after 15th July have to take Identity Cards within 8 days.
d) Students should take care of college property and should not involve in damaging the property. No outside influence, political or any other should be brought in the college directly or indirectly. Admission will be cancelled if they behave against the rules.
e) The attendance of the students for Lectures, Practicals, Tutorials, Tests and Term End Examinations is compulsory. Strict action will be taken against the absentees. The Students may get concession in the fees depending on his performance and merit.
f) Admission will be canceled if the student is observed misbehaving in the exam, election or any other activity in the college.
g) Students should return the books borrowed from the library on or before the due date and take care of library books and materials.
h) The academic complaints may be put into complaint box. The students from reserved categories may contact Principal or Management council member if they have any difficulty regarding admission.
i) The B. C. students may consult the Principal or the Member of Standing Committee if they have any difficulty about admission.
j) The use of Mobile is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
1) Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship
2) Eklavya Merit Scholarship
3) Scholarship for Physically Handicapped Students
4) State Government Open Merit Scholarship
5) National Merit Scholarship
6) S. S. T. scholarship
7) E.B.C Scholarship
8) P.T.C. Scholarship
9) Ex. Sainik Scholarship
10) Freedom Fighter Scholarship
11) SC, ST, OBC Scholarship
12) Various N. C. C. Scholarships
1) Shivaji University Merit Scholarship
2) Shri. D. M. Mule Scholarship
3) Late. B. V. B. Memorable Scholarship
1) Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students
College also felicitates students who perform in sports, cultural activities, NSS, NCC and academic field.
Sr.No. Name of the Prize Category
1 Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College Prize : Rs. 151.00 To each students standing First at B. A. III, B.Com.III, B.Sc.III, M.A., M.Com.
2 Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College Prize : Rs. 251.00 Students qualifying for M.P.S.C. interview
3 Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College Prize : Rs. 151.00 Students working as a reporter of newspaper
4 Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College Prize : Rs. 151.00 Students representing college at state level in elocution / Katha – Kathan
5 Late Vasad Ganpatrao Bhau Patil, Kameri Prize : Rs. 500.00 Student standing first at B.A. III History
6 Late Anusaya Narayan Chavan Patil Wategaonkar Prize Rs.101.00 Student standing first at B.A. III Political Science
7 Late Anusaya Narayan Chavan Patil Wategaonkar Prize Rs.51.00 Student standing first at B.A. III
8 Late B. A. Patil ( Appa ) Prize Rs.201.00 To each students securing first rank in B. A. III, B.Com. III , B. Sc. III , M.A., M.Com.
9 Late Shantabai Hambirrao Patil Prize Rs.51.00 To the Girl Student securing first rank in B.A. III
10 Late National Swimmer Sagar Prashant Patil Award 3000/- National Winner
2000/- National Participation
1500/- State Winner
1000/- State Participation
Unit Tests, Terminal examination and home assignments are conducted regularly by the college. It helps to develop the knowledge of students and they become more confident to face university examinations. It also helps students to identify their weak sections and develop accordingly in time with the help of teachers. See the academic calendar for detail time table of these tests.